Dog Returned Home 5 Years After Disappearing in Connecticut

The dog's implanted chip helped to locate his owners after all these years.

A dog has been returned to a family five years after it disappeared. 

Lady, a dachshund, was thought to be gone forever after she vanished from her yard in Brooklyn, Connecticut, years ago, but nearly half a decade later, she is back.

"It can't be possible it’s been so long,” Kelsea Carpenter, the dog’s owner, said. "She was really old to begin with and I cannot believe that she's here."

Earlier this week, Lady showed up at a pound in Norwich. When officials there scanned the dog’s ID microchip, they were able to reunite her with her family. 

"I'm so glad that whoever thought to scan her over at the pound scanned her,” Carpenter said. “Because I wish someone had scanned her years, and years and years ago when we were looking."

One veterinarian says the chips may be the best bet for finding a lost pet.

"One nice thing about them they can't be lost by the pet. They can't be removed by a person so once they are in, they're in,” Veterinarian Dawn Miller said. “They're pretty non-evasive."

Lady's family is happy to have her back, for whatever time she has left. 

"She's old and we're going to do what we can to keep her comfortable," Carpenter said.