Dogs That Survived Wisconsin Plane Crash Find New Homes With Fire Fighters

A day that could have been tragic instead is a day that these families got new members.

It may have been fate when a plane carrying dogs crash-landed on a snowy golf course in Wisconsin in November.

It was a miracle in itself that the 53 rescue dogs and three humans on board all survived. The dogs were being transported from Louisiana to find new homes.

First responders rushed to the scene to help wrangle a bunch of scared pups. Now, more than a month later, some of the dogs have new homes with the people who came to their rescue.

“Luckily, none of them ran away. They all kind of just really go ‘hi! Play with me,’” Amber Christian, a Lake County Firefighter told reporters.

Firefighter Elle Steitzer was one of the first people on scene and said she knew it was going to be an unforgettable day.

“I remember thinking that this is such a once in a lifetime thing. I'm going to be thinking about these little guys for the rest of my life, and I'd really like to have that one with me for the rest of my career. In the fire service, probably,” she said.

Other firefighters say they went to visit the dogs at the shelters that took them in and it seems the dogs couldn’t stop thinking about their rescuers either.

“Right away, the next morning after the accident, I was able to go to Brook Humane Society and they let me visit all of him and his siblings and he just kind of sat in my lap. So I guess, you know, he has a really good demeanor and he kind of picked me,” Amber Christian said.

A day that could have been so tragic instead is a day that these families got new members.

"There's a lot of hard things that we do in this job ... So to have a memory of an event that's just so overwhelmingly positive is just such a great experience. There's a lot of hardship, a lot of loss. But this is something just overall is a victory,” Steitzer added.

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