Donald Trump Dines With Friends at Mar-a-Lago as Secret Service Plans the Former President's Surrender

Bobby McDonald, a 20-year veteran of the Secret Service, tells Inside Edition that there is no playbook it's an unprecedented event.

Donald Trump entertained guests at Mar-a-Lago on Thursday night, just hours after the stunning news of his indictment.

His wife, Melania, stood by his side as he mingled with friends at his private Palm Beach club. 

"Beautiful evening here at the gorgeous Mar a Lago!" Women for Trump co-chair Gina Loudon wrote on Twitter.

She then added that the former president and his wife were "enveloped in the love of their friends."

Those around Trump were reportedly blindsided on Thursday afternoon when they learned that a grand jury in New York planned to indict the former president.

"There's no question that people around Trump were completely caught off guard by this," New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman said during an appearance on CNN. "They did believe, you know, the reports that the grand jury was done for a month."

President Biden meanwhile deflected when asked if this indictment could further divide America.

"No I'm not going to talk about the Trump indictment," President Biden told reporters at the White House.

Officials in New York are now hard at work preparing the for Trump's arrival.

Barricades are being set up outside Manhattan criminal court, and the Secret Service and NYPD are carefully choreographing Trump's surrender.

Bobby McDonald, a 20-year veteran of the Secret Service, tells Inside Edition that there is no playbook for the operation because it's an unprecedented event.

"There's no playbook for this. There's no time when we've done this before and we can look back and see what went well what didn't go well," McDonald explains. "So this is going to be played by ear."

He adds: "This is the first time in history a protectee of the Secret Service is going to be indicted and processed in a courthouse."

Law enforcement reportedly staged a dress rehearsal at the criminal court for the former president's arraignment.

He is expected to fly to New York on Monday, and surrender on Tuesday afternoon at 2:15.

And there is an underground entrance at the criminal court that the Secret Service may use to avoid the crowds that are expected.

"He’ll be fingerprinted – there’s no ink any more on fingerprints it’s just glass," McDonald tells Inside Edition's Steve Fabian. "He’ll get a photograph taken of him – known as a mugshot."

New York state does not release mugshots, but McDonald feels like this one will inevitably be leaked to the public.

Trump is facing 34 charges in total according to CNN, which are believed to be related to an alleged payout he made to adult film star Stormy Daniels.

On Saturday, a source told CBS News Trump will reportedly be charged with at least one felony-- falsifying business records in the first degree.

His attorney Jim Trusty says that he believes lawyers for Trump will try and have the case dismissed before trial,

"I hope that in days or weeks at the most we start seeing some very robust motions that put the prosecutors on their heels where they should be on this case," Trusty tells Inside Edition.


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