Dramatic Footage Shows Man Holding Onto Car for Dear Life: Today on Inside Edition

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Dramatic footage showed a man clinging to a car in Massachusetts after a minor accident that quickly escalated. 

When Richard Kamrowski, 65, allegedly jumped on the hood of Mark Fitzgerald’s car and smashed his windshield with a water bottle, Fitzgerald took off at speeds that reportedly reached up to 70 mph. Here's why the lawyer for one of the men involved said his client was just acting to protect himself. 

Fox’s “Rent: Live” became the talk of social media Sunday for not really being "live" after a lead actor broke his foot during a dress rehearsal. With no understudy, the live show ended up consisting largely of pre-recorded footage. Read more about the drama.

Police said they averted a potential mass shooting after arresting a self-proclaimed "virgin" who allegedly threatened to kill "as many girls as I see." So how'd they stop it? Hear what they had to say.

And viral sensation Kelleth Cuthbert is gearing up for the Super Bowl as Inside Edition's special correspondent! Check out what she's up to.


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