Duchess Kate Makes a Dream Come True for Little Girl Battling Leukemia During Pandemic

Kate Middleton meets Mila Sneddon.
Kate Middleton meets Mila Sneddon.Getty

Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton sat down with Mila Sneddon in Scotland's Palace of Holyroodhouse.

The Duchess of Cambridge promised to wear a pink dress on the occasion of meeting Mila Sneddon, a little girl battling cancer who was quarantined during the coronavirus pandemic.

And so she did.

Kate Middleton sat down to tea with 5-year-old Mila on Thursday at Scotland's Palace of Holyroodhouse, where the thrilled child and her family were feted by the royals.

Mila also wore pink, her favorite color. And sported a tiny tiara.

"I want to give you a big, squeezy cuddle," Kate told her. "I love your dress. Can you give it a twirl?"

Mila had a tough time during Britain's coronavirus lockdown. Because chemotherapy for her leukemia had diminished her immune system, Mila was only able to see her father through the window of their home in Falkirk.

Mila's mother took a photo of her little girl kissing her dad through the glass and submitted it to a project Kate was leading for the National Portrait Gallery.

The image was selected for the "Stand Still" collection and the duchess talked with Mila on the phone. The child said she would like to meet a real princess in a pink dress. 

And so Kate granted that wish.

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