Face Masks Appear to Be No Sort of Deterrent for Men Who Catcall Women, Investigation Finds

"You’re mad beautiful baby girl," said one man who claimed catcalling actually works for him. “I've done it plenty of times, guys."

It’s a hassle women face everyday: guys commenting on their looks while they walk down the street. 

Inside Edition wanted to know whether or not wearing a face mask would silence all the unwanted compliments, so we asked model Sabrina Dzaferovic to help us out with a little test. A team of undercover Inside Edition producers followed her with cameras rolling as she went for a stroll in Times Square without a mask. It didn’t take long before the catcalling started.

One man called out “You’re beautiful,” as she walked by.

“Sometimes it intimidates women on the street if a man says something like that to her, do you understand?” Inside Edition investigative correspondent Lisa Guerrero asked the man. 

“I didn’t realize it, to be honest with you,” he said, before apologizing. "If I made her feel uncomfortable, I apologize,” he said.

“It's kind of a disturbing feeling because I don't feel safe and I don't feel comfortable,” Sabrina said.

It didn’t seem to make a difference when Sabrina repeated the test while wearing a mask. Within a matter of minutes, the comments started up again.

Guerrero approached one man who told Sabrina, “You’re mad beautiful, baby girl.” He claims that catcalling actually works for him.

“I've done it plenty of times, guys. And listen, it works nine out of 10,” he said.

When asked if he did this all the time, the man said, “Of course.”

Sabrina said she would “absolutely not” go out with somebody who cat-called her on the street.

A man on a bicycle who told Sabrina she has “the nicest butt in New York,” actually defended it when approached by Guerrero, who asked if it was appropriate to say that to a woman you don’t know on the street.

“Yes it is,” he replied.

“We don’t want a man commenting on our butt on the street,” Guerrero told him. 

Mask or no mask, catcalling is something that remains an issue for women to deal with in public.

“It just makes you have the heebie jeebies,” Sabrina said.

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