Facebook Post of Handsome Texas Shelter Worker With Dog in Need of Home Causes Social Media Frenzy

 Wichita Falls Animal Services employee Zackry Majewski, 21 and Sky, the Husky
Wichita Falls Animal Services

An employee at Wichita Falls Animal Services shared a photo of himself next to the husky named Sky. Majewski's blue eyes apparently garnered more interest: 14,000 shares and 25,000 comments.

A Facebook post of a shelter dog photographed with a male employee has caused such a stir that many asked if the man — not the dog — needs a forever home.

“Is the man available for adoption?” one user asked, while another joked, “Wait?! There’s a dog in the picture?” 

As another person chimed in, “Is he house trained?” 

One woman even admitted that she doesn't even have Facebook but her colleague, (ssh: her boss), showed her the post that was reportedly “blowing up,” TNN reported.

Last week Zackry Majewski, an employee at Wichita Falls Animal Services shared a photo of himself next to the husky named Sky (who was adorable too), hoping to garner interest in the dog’s adoption. However, Majewski's blue eyes apparently garnered more interest than he could have ever imagined: 14,000 shares and 25,000 comments, in case you were wondering, 

“I got over a hundred people on my Snapchat adding me and Instagram and all that stuff, it was crazy,” Majewski told News Channel 6.

Majewski, who started working at the Texas animal shelter in October, wrote in his post that he is “especially fond of Huskies and can be found snugging with a pup in the shelter” and also “enjoys hiking and listening to country music,” but modeling? Not so much. He did say that he would take photos with the shelter pets if it would help them get adopted.

"A lot of people want me to, and it's just not something I like to do but, if it helps animals get adopted, then I will,” he said. 

In fact, thanks to Majewski’s help, Sky was adopted, People reported. 

“We had over a hundred calls on her so, it was pretty great,” he said. 

Nicki Bacon, the administrator of the Wichita Falls Animal Services told Inside Edition Digital that last week was animal control appreciation week and that they wanted the animal care control officers to be highlighted for all the great work they do with the shelter animals. Bacon said that when they posted the photo of Zackry with Sky they saw the attention it was getting. Bacon laughed and said  "we had no clue we told Zackry how it was blowing up."

"It is one of the greatest things that could have happened to our shelter," Bacon said. "More people will be aware now that we don't only do animal control but we also adopt out."  

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