Fallen Officer's 5-Year-Old Daughter Has Bittersweet Police Sendoff to 1st Day of Kindergarten

Kevin Stolinsky was a 20-year veteran in La Vergne, Tennessee. Last November, he died on duty after suffering a medical emergency.

Tennessee police officers stood shoulder-to-shoulder in a touching display of support for a 5-year-old whose father recently died on duty.

Kevin Stolinsky was a 20-year veteran in La Vergne, where he suffered a medical emergency last November. He was given a huge sendoff at his funeral.

His daughter, Anna, started kindergarten this year, with some help from her dad’s fellow officers, who escorted her into school.

“It was a very, very special day. All those officers who came out to support the memory of my husband,” Casey Stolinsky said.

As the little girl made her way down the line, she high-fived each officer. After a hug from grandma and mom, it was time to head into school.

As beautiful as the sendoff was, for little Anna it was bittersweet.

“That made me start to cry. I was sad. That reminded me of my dad and was feeling like I never get to see him,” Anna said.

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