Georgia SWAT Officer Gets Flagged Down on Road and Saves Baby Who Stopped Breathing

With help on the way, Robert Oden began administering CPR to the 4-month-old baby.

A Georgia cop was in the right place at the right time when a 4-month-old baby stopped breathing. 

Robert Oden, an officer on the SWAT team in Atlanta, said he saw two cars speed past him with their hazards on and honking their horns.

“You could tell there was something going on,” Oden.

After they pulled into a fire station, a desperate woman ran over and handed the baby, named DJ, to the officer.

Oden began administering CPR to DJ with delicate chest compressions, but it wasn’t looking good.

“There was really no signs of life that I could tell. I couldn't get a pulse,” Oden said.

The officer alternated between his finger and his thumb. With an ambulance on the way, the infant's legs finally began to move. EMS took over and little DJ’s eyes fluttered open. He began to breathe again.

Oden says administering CPR to little ones like DJ is much different than with adults.

“In an adult, you're using both hands and you're pushing two to three inches into the chest cavity,” Oden said.

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