Family Belts Out Epic Rendition of 'Les Miserables' Tune From Their Living Room

The family sang "One Day More" on Easter Sunday.

A Utah family belted out a powerful rendition of a "Les Miserables" song from, of all places, their living room. 

The nine-person LeBaron family of Fruit Heights, Utah, ended their Easter Sunday celebrations by singing “One Day More" from the iconic musical. 

"Anyone looking to do 'Les Miserables' for their next show?'' Jordan LeBaron wrote on Facebook with the video. "Better yet... anyone looking for an entire cast?"

The video has since gone viral with more than three million people viewing it. 

The family's incredible vocal skills came as a result of their upbringing.

“We grew up singing in the house," Juston LaBaron told Inside Edition. "Our mom and dad are piano players. Naturally that led us to people who can sing as well."

Juston also posted the video with the caption: “Ahh, I love Sunday Nights with the Fam  ? ❤ One day More!!!”

Even the official "Les Mis" Twitter account shared the video, calling the LeBarons "a talented family!"