Family of Elderly Home Depot Worker Killed After Being Shoved by Thief Pleads With Suspect to Turn Himself In

The son of Army veteran and Home Depot worker Gary Rasor, who died after being shoved to the ground by an alleged shoplifter, speaks to Inside Edition about his father.

The grieving family of the 83-year-old Home Depot worker who died from injuries he sustained after a man allegedly fleeing the store with stolen merchandise shoved him to the ground are pleading with the suspect to turn himself in.

Army veteran Gary Rasor stepped out of his booth at the Hillsborough, North Carolina, Home Depot where he worked to confront a suspect who police say was making off with three power washers. As he tried to stop the alleged shoplifter, Rasor was hurled to the ground.

Rasor could be seen on surveillance camera footage sprawling in pain. He suffered a broken pelvis and hip and was rushed to the hospital, where he celebrated his 83rd birthday. Rasor was later transferred to a rehab facility where his condition deteriorated. He died of complications from his injuries six weeks after the attack. His death has been ruled a homicide and has left his wife, Yovonne, a widow.

“I want him back,” she told WRAL-TV.

The hardworking patriarch was on the verge of retirement, his son tells Inside Edition.

“He was actually going to hang it up in January,” his son Jeff Rasor says.

Jeff Rasor says all police need to call the killer is “one good phone call.”

“Somebody knows who this is. And somebody knows where he is,” he says. “Somebody’s gonna go, ‘He needs to man up and turn himself in. And if he doesn't do it, I’m gonna do it.’”

Rasor’s family has created a GoFundMe campaign to help pay for his funeral. To date, the page, entitled “Grandpa Gary Gone Too Soon,” has raised $4,830.

“God bless Grandpa Gary for his Army service, strong work ethic, and love of family,” one donor wrote. “May the family find peace -- and the heinous perpetrator -- soon.”

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