Family Trapped in Car by Raging Flood Waters Rescued by Backhoe Driver

Heart-stopping video shows the family being pulled to safety one by one.

A family of four trapped in their car by raging flood waters rushing past them were saved by a backhoe driver and several good Samaritans. Heart-stopping video shows them riding to the rescue in the heavy duty-vehicle and pulling them to safety one by one.

"Hold onto the kid. We'll get you out. Don't worry," one rescuer said.

The father was up to his waist in water, holding one of his children. First they lift one youngster to safety. Then dad hoists another child onto the roof

"All of you need to do that," the rescuer said.

The youngster on the roof clutches his sister protectively as she joins him up there, wiping away tears. But their other brother can't make it onto the roof, and he clings desperately to the side of the car as the current tries to rip him away. He reaches out for a helping hand and is brought to safety. 

Then, the father and two other kids climbed aboard the construction vehicle and were driven to safety.