Farm Livestreams Donkey's Birth - but Will This Mama Wait Until Christmas Day?

The father of the foal is called Dominick the Donkey, just like the beloved Christmas character.

Viewers across America are eagerly anticipating the arrival of a very special baby this Christmas: A baby donkey in New Windsor, N.Y.

Molly the donkey is in labor at Devitt’s Nursery and Supply, and the whole event is being livestreamed online.

Hundreds of animal fans have tuned in to watch Molly, in a situation reminiscent of April the giraffe's highly anticipated newborn earlier this year.

Devitt’s set up the livestream after a suggestion from a local farmer, Hunter Hoessner, who thought fans might want to check in on Molly's progress.

So far, she seems to be taking labor in her stride, snacking on hay in her pen and greeting staff and visitors who come to check on her.

Devitt's office manager, Candace Rivera, told that Molly's water broke at the start of the week. They think she'll be in a labor for a couple more days before her foal emerges.

"The baby is sitting horizontally," Rivera said. "It'll move vertically before it's born, hooves first. [Molly will] roll around a bit to shift the baby."

But Rivera said staff members are hoping it doesn't happen just yet.

"We're hoping for a Christmas baby!" she said, especially since the father of the foal is called Dominick the Donkey.

Molly is on loan to Devitt’s Nursery and Supply — along with a pony, goats, chickens and sheep — for their holiday events. She spends the rest of the year at the Goodnow Family Farm in Gardiner, where Dominick remains.

He will meet his baby — the gender of which is not yet known — when Molly returns to the farm a few days after giving birth, Rivera said.

The baby will be Molly's third. Donkeys are pregnant for 10 to 14 months.

To check on Molly's progress, you can visit the DonkeyCam on YouTube.