'Fat and Lazy?' Fitness and Wellness Website's Times Square Billboard Criticized for Being 'Fat Phobic'

A billboard in Times Square which is marketing a fitness and wellness website is being criticized for being triggering and toxic with the language it uses.

A Times Square billboard is under fire as critics say it’s “fat phobic.” The ad — which is plugging an online fitness, wellness and mindfulness program — is coming under fire for the language used in its ad on West 48th Street and 7th Avenue.

The ad poses the question: “Feeling fat and lazy?”

Deborah Capaccio, who runs getyoursparklebackgirl.com, paid $13,000 for the billboard, but numerous celebrities have spoken out against the language used in the ad. Actress Jameela Jamil called it “blatantly fat phobic” and “triggering.”

“It bothers me to no end that we are still yet to recognize cruelty and offense to fat people as hate speech,” Jamil wrote on Instagram.

Opera Singer Matthew Anchel, who is 6'4" and weighs 300 pounds, called out Capaccio on TikTok.

“It is so offensive to fat people, and I just can't believe anyone is using that kind of marketing to attract clients," Anchel said, "It's crazy.”

Capaccio has heard the criticism, but is standing by her billboard.

“Often what triggers us to make a change is pain,” Capaccio told Inside Edition. “The women that call me are the ones who see my ads and are suffering.”

She also insists she’s using words that women already use to describe themselves and is not calling anyone names.

“Calling someone fat and lazy with a period at the end of the sentence is completely different than asking the rhetorical question based on the research that shows these are the words women are calling themselves,” Capaccio added.

And to the backlash, Capaccio says, “bring it on!”

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