Father and Son Duo Thought They Were Buying Villa but Ended Up With Tiny Strip of Land

How could this happen?

A father and son are kicking back on the new piece of land they just bought in South Florida, but the deal might have been too good to be true. 

Kerville Holness and his son, Kerville Jr., aka "Junior," were thrilled when they got the deal of a lifetime after paying $9,100 in an online auction for what they thought was a villa valued at $177,000.

In fact, what they ended up buying was a sliver of land that starts from the street, goes through the garage and into the back yard.

They feel totally duped because they say the real estate auction showed the house, not the tiny strip of land.

Their new neighbors can't quite believe it.

“I think it's ridiculous. I don't even know how they even got to sell the land in the first place,” one woman named Tina told Inside Edition. 

The county claims they didn't read the fine print carefully. They say it clearly shows the land value being $50 bucks with a building value of $0. 

“This could happen to anybody. It really could,” Junior said. 

Thankfully, they haven't lost their sense of humor and invited Inside Edition to a barbecue on the strip.