Fawn Caught in Goalie's Net Finally Escapes With Help From Cop

Meanwhile, an injured fawn in another state got the help she needed from a local animal sanctuary.

A poor little fawn didn’t seem to have so much luck with the soccer net.

The baby deer was caught on camera falling on its face when it tried to escape a goalie net in Maryland.

Luckily, Officer Bozzuto from the Howard County Police Department was able to spot the tangled fawn and cut it out of the ropes. It walked away uninjured.

Meanwhile, a fawn with a broken leg in North Carolina also got the help it needed, thanks to the Edith Allen Wildlife Sanctuary in Asheville.

The 2-month-old deer, now named Alex, was seen limping downtown last month. It was believed to have been separated from its mother and hit by a car.

“Wild animals are amazing when it comes to pain,” the sanctuary’s co-founder Gwen Landt told SWNS. “When we find a little baby, we see what the injuries are, we bottle feed them and we get them back on their feet again.”

Alex was taken to the sanctuary and fitted in a bright pink cast.

While Landt said the injured fawn was not quite in tip-top shape yet, she said that its well on the road to recovery and will likely be reintroduced into the wild when it does get all better.

“She can’t run yet but I do believe in time we will be able to release her,” Landt said.