FDNY Firefighter Who 1 Week Ago Saved Tourists After Boat Capsized Is Saved Himself After SUV Rolls Onto Him

FDNY firefighter Ryan Warnock, who one week ago was commended for saving tourists after their boat capsized, was rescued himself after an SUV rolled onto his leg.

The terrifying moment an SUV rolled over onto one of “New York's Bravest” was caught on camera.  

It happened in busy midtown Manhattan after a black BMW SUV crashed into a white sedan. 

A firefighter was trying to stabilize the BMW when the driver, who was trapped inside, accidentally hit the gas, causing the vehicle to come crashing down, a witness said. 

When the vehicle came come, it crushed the firefighter's leg. 

Fellow firefighters and some good Samaritans rushed in to save him. 

Authorities later revealed that the brave firefighter pinned underneath the vehicle was Ryan Warnock, who just one week ago was commended for diving into the Hudson River to save tourists after their boat capsized.  

“You just have a job to do, and you do it, and we trained for this and that's why we're here,” Warnock told reporters last week.  

Miraculously, in his most recent feat of heroism, Warnock only suffered a broken femur. 

“He's a true hero, that's a real New York hero right there,” a witness said.  

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