Fearless 16-Year-Old Onya Golightly Comes to the Rescue When Stray Python Appears in Neighbor’s Yard

When Onya’s dad saw an alert about a stray snake in the neighborhood, the pair drove over and Onya came to the rescue.

When a 10-foot-long python showed up in a Florida backyard, 16-year-old Onya Golightly came to the rescue.

Onya's father, Daniel, was notified about the snake on his Ring app neighborhood alert. 

“Giant snake in my backyard, if it’s yours, or you want a big 10ft python, hurry,” the alert read.

The father-daughter duo drove five miles to the location where they met the reptile. The brave teen held the snake right below its head while her dad helped her put it in a bag.

“I wasn’t scared,” Onya tells Inside Edition. “Just more like ‘that’s a big snake.’"

Her dad, on the other hand, had some fear to overcome.

“Dad was a little scared I ain’t gonna lie,” Daniel tells Inside Edition.

A video shows the teen grabbing the snake without flinching, even as it wrapped around her arm. 

“They’re such misunderstood animals. Wonderful, beautiful animals.” Onya says.

Onya has quite a collection of snakes. She shows off her reptilian friends on social media. She also has a YouTube channel featuring her adventures with different animals like snakes, iguanas, and alligators.

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