Florida Boy Eager to Get Stuffed Animal From Claw Machine Winds Up Stuck Inside

Stuck in claw machine
He really, really wanted that toy.Titusville Police Dept.

The boy was having dinner with his parents when he went off to play the machine.

A little boy named Mason got himself into something he couldn't get out of.

And then the fire department came.

The kid and his parents were having dinner at Beef 'O' Brady's in Florida, when Mason ambled over to the children's section to play with a Pinnacle claw machine.

In an instant, the child had wiggled his way through a small door and inside the machine full of stuffed animals and toys.

Then he got stuck. "He went head-first up into the box," Titusville Fire and Emergency Services public information officer Greg Sutton told InsideEdition.com Thursday. Surveillance camera footage shows "his little legs swinging" as he pulled himself inside the treasure trove of plush toys, Sutton said.

An off-duty lieutenant from the department happened to be having dinner there, too, and he offered his assistance when the parents realized their son, who appeared to be about 4 or 5, Sutton said, was inside the glass box.

His mother called 911, and that's when the fire department got involved.

Mason had been pretty calm, until firemen arrived. 

"He went from thinking, 'I'm going to get this toy' to, 'Uh oh, I'm stuck in here,' to, 'Now all these people are looking at me and banging on this thing,''' Sutton said.

Mason was eventually freed from the glass cage and reunited with his mom after a shedding a few tears.

He even got to pick out a stuffed animal.

Mason later promised he wouldn't ever, ever, ever crawl inside a machine again in pursuit of toys.