Florida Firefighter Missing After Crashing Truck and Appearing ‘Disoriented’ 

A Florida firefighter has gone missing after crashing his truck.

James Von Minden went missing Friday evening in Jupiter Farms around 5:30 after appearing “disoriented,” The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office says.

A Florida firefighter is missing after crashing his truck Friday and appearing “disoriented,” according to authorities. James Von Minden was last seen about 5:30 p.m. Friday in Jupiter Farms after appearing “disoriented,” The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office said.

Cops said the off-duty Broward County firefighter crashed his truck and may have wandered into the woods. Authorities don’t know what led to the crash. 

Friends, colleagues and local townspeople have been involved in the search for him in the woods near where he crashed.

“We really don’t know if he lost control. We don’t know those particulars,” Jason Smith, president of the Broward County firefighters and paramedics association, said in a statement. “We don’t know if he suffered something prior to hitting the tree. We’re concerned. I think you can find data that says after 48 hours if you don’t find someone, it starts changing the environment.”

Authorities said he left his keys and cell phone in the truck.On Monday, his wife issued a statement thanking those who are looking for her husband.

“I want to thank all the volunteers and neighbors, police and fire that have been helping in the search," she said. "I appreciate all the people spreading the news to help. I am so grateful and continue to please pray that we find him.”

Von Minden, who has been with the fire department since 1990, is 5-foot-11 and 210 pounds. He was wearing a black shirt, dark shorts and sandals.

On Monday, his fire department posted a missing person’s poster of him on Twitter.

If you have information, you’re urged to call the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office at 561-688-3000, or the local union’s contact Brendan Quilter at 754-264-2307.