Florida Man Is Attacked After Leaping Into Farm's Crocodile Exhibit

The man, identified as Brandon Keith Hatfield, was wearing Crocs.

A Florida man was mauled by crocodiles after jumping into an enclosure at the St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park.

Surveillance video shows the man, identified as Brandon Keith Hatfield, thrashing around in the water as he's attacked. Hatfield then scrambles out of the water, leaving behind a trail of blood.

On Tuesday morning, park employees found abandoned shoes — Crocs nonetheless — in the pit, as well as discarded clothing, and called police. After watching the footage, the workers were shocked Hatfield survived.

"I would not have guessed he did what he did and made it out alive," the park's director, John Brueggen, told Inside Edition.

Hatfield was located nearby after a neighbor called 911 to report a man wearing only gym shorts crawling on the ground.

Hatfield was arrested and taken to a nearby hospital for surgery. He's charged with multiple felonies, including burglary.