Florida Man Fights Bear to Save His Dog Nearly Snatched From His Porch

Luckily, Walter Hickox of Daytona Beach only suffered minor injuries from the incident.

They say dog is man’s best friend, but this Florida man took the saying to a whole new level when he fought off a bear on his porch, all to protect his beloved pup.

Walter Hickox, of Daytona Beach, could be seen on his Ring doorbell camera security footage jumping between a bear and his dog before physically fighting the wild animal off, and fencing off his porch with a bench.

“Oh my God, I just got attacked by a bear,” he could be heard saying in the moment.

Hickox told Inside Edition that the first thing he noticed when he saw the bear on his porch was that it was fixated on his dog.

“The line of focus [was] between the bear’s eyes and my dog,” he explained. “I wanted to break that focus, get my body into there to let the dog get back into the house.”

Thankfully, Hickox only suffered minor injuries from the encounter.

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