Florida Woman Finally Gets Her Lotto Winnings After Ticket Gets Lost in the Mail

Mailboxes lined up

Sue Burgess, 62, of Hernando County, won the Second Chance lottery game back in July and had to forfeit her prize after her ticket got lost in the mail.

Sue Burgess of Florida wasn’t going to let the U.S. Postal Office get in the way of her lottery winnings. The 62-year-old Hernando County resident learned she had won the state’s Second Chance Lottery game back in July. A remarkable win for the woman who said she was “elated” when she won and said, “it was like winning a million dollars to me.” 

Due to the pandemic and lottery office closures, Burgess was unable to claim her winnings in person. Instead, she followed the state lottery’s instructions and went to the post office to send in her ticket via certified mail.

After weeks went by and still no word from lotto officials, Burgess finally discovered her winning ticket never arrived. 

And, to make matters worse, Burgess learned that all of her winnings went to the alternative winner.

“I was horrified to find out that the lottery commission had never received my ticket,” Burgess told the New York Post. “After I had to pick myself up off the floor, I learned the ticket was still in transit.”

When Burgess called to inquire about the missing ticket, she recalled them saying, "no ticket, no prize," reported News 8.

Taking matters into her own hands, Burgess appealed for help from local NBC affiliate WFLA’s consumer help segment, “Better Call Behnken,” reported News 8.

After the story aired, Burgess received a FedEx package at her doorstep. It was her $1,000 check from the lottery commission.

Overjoyed, Burgess felt all the excitement rushing back and once again, that winning feeling. 

“I’m just thrilled to death that the lottery commission sent me the check,” Burgess told the news outlet.

With the prize money, she said she plans on getting new tires for her car and to fix a broken washer.