Forbes Names MrBeast as 2021’s Highest-Paid YouTube Creator

MrBeast beat out Ryan’s World, the top earner for 2020. He slipped to the No. 7 spot.

The highest-paid creators on YouTube in 2021 have been revealed.

At No. 3 was Markiplier, who has 31 million subscribers. According to Forbes’ annual list, he made $38 million last year. 

Markiplier is known for his comedic gaming videos, and he earned big bucks from merch sales. 

Jake Paul, who has 20 million subscribers, took the spot at No. 2. He brought in $45 million, Forbes reports, and most of his earnings these days come from his boxing career. 

Coming in at No. 1 might not surprise those tuned in on the platform. With 88 million subscribers, MrBeast brought in $54 million last year, Forbes estimates. 

He beat out Ryan’s World, the top earner for 2020, who slipped to the No. 7 spot.

MrBeast’s biggest project was the MrBeast Burger, where fans can order MrBeast-branded meals from restaurants all over the country. 

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