YouTube Diving Team Finds Remains of Illinois Man Who's Been Missing for 3 Years

And now that Jeffrey Shepard was found, his family can have closure.

For three years, loved ones and police searched for Jeffrey Shepard from Illinois.

With no leads in sight, the YouTube channel "Depths of History" recently teamed up with YouTube diver "Adventure With a Purpose" to try and solve this cold case, but they had no luck. 

Then, another team called "Chaos Diver" tried.

After searching, they found a truck submerged in a pond just off of a highway in Strunk, Kentucky. The license plate matched that of Shepard's missing pickup truck.

"We found him on what would have been his route home," they said.

Afterward, the McCreary County coroner's office confirmed the truck found was Shepard's, and his remains were inside. 

Now the family of Jeffrey Shepard can have closure.

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