Fox Business Anchor Trish Regan Regrets Not Taking More Maternity Leave

She has penned an essay on the topic entitled, "The Working-Mom Story Every Young Woman Should Hear."

Trish Regan, the host of Fox Business Network's "The Intelligence Report," is sharing her regrets about the amount of time she took off for maternity leave.

"This is time that you will never, ever, ever get back," she told Inside Edition. "I see the pressure that women put on ourselves, myself included, and I want people to know, look, that's not necessary, you don't need to do that."

When Regan gave birth to her now 8-year-old twins, Elizabeth and Alexandra, she took just six weeks off from work.

When her son Jamie was born two years later, she took just three weeks before returning to the anchor desk at Bloomberg TV.

"It's hard because you don't wanna ever seem in your job like you're not totally, 1000-percent committed," she said.

Regan has shared her thoughts in an essay, "The Working-Mom Story Every Young Woman Should Hear," for the women's empowerment website GirlBoss. In the essay, she writes about the "mistake I can never fix."

"This is time that mattered," she writes. "Time I’ll never get back."

Speaking to Inside Edition, she added: "We tend to get so caught up, sometimes, in careers. We don't realize that the job's there forever. That child, that baby, is only going to be a few weeks old for a certain amount of time."

Since publishing the essay, she said the response has been overwhelming. 

"So many people have read it and said, 'This couldn't have come at a better time, Trish,'" she said. "I'm so happy it was able to make an impact like that."