Fuming Driver Calls the Police on Woman She Claims Stole Her Parking Spot

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A war broke out over a parking spot in California last week — and it was caught on camera. 

Gabriela Zepeda says an irate driver actually called the police on her for taking a parking spot inside a shopping center near San Diego. 

"As soon as I pull in, I hear this banging on my window, I see this car parked behind me, blocking me in and I am like, ‘What is going on?’ She goes, ‘Excuse me, this is my spot. You stole my spot,'" Zepeda recalled to Inside Edition. 

The unidentified driver claims she and her handicapped mother were waiting patiently for the space to open up when Zepeda swooped in.

"I said, 'Ma'am, this isn't a handicapped spot,'" Zepeda said. "A free spot is a free spot."

Zepeda, who recorded the viral video on her phone, says she never saw the other driver was waiting.

Police were called and things ended peacefully with no one facing charges. 

"If someone pulls into the spot I am waiting on, yeah, I will be a little upset, but you look for another spot," Zepeda said. 


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