Georgia Man Who Was Given 90,000 Oily Pennies as Final Paycheck Gets Help Cashing in Wheelbarrow of Change

Andreas Flaten wasn't quite sure what he was going to do to exchange the pennies for money he could use until Coinstar stepped in to help.

When Andreas Flaten quit his job, he put in a standard two-week notice and asked for his final paycheck. When the money was delivered to his home, it was more than he bargained for.

His final paycheck came in the form of a pile of over 90,000 oil-slicked pennies. They were believed to have been sent from Flaten's former employer, who may have been upset he quit. But when asked, his boss denied doing it. "I don't know if I did that or not. I don't really remember," he said. "He got paid, that's what matters...he's a weenie for bringing it up."

Flaten tried to clean up the pennies so he could cash them in, but it proved to be a time-consuming project. Luckily, Coinstar stepped in to help. "I was dreading thinking I was going to have to go through hours and hours of cleaning this, and these guys have absolutely saved me," he said.

As Jeff Lail, Coinstar VP of North American Operations, explains, there was more to the process than just dropping the coins off. "Both the oil and the weight are going to make it very difficult for Mr. Floyd to transport these coins."

Coinstar went to Flaten's Georgia home and carted the pennies off. They took them to get cleaned up, wrapped and re-circulated.

In the end, Flaten got crisp, clean $100 bills and, most importantly, relief that this whole ordeal was over. "I'm just happy I don't have to wash the pennies myself," he said.