Glen Campbell's Son Disputes Account by Country Singer's Wife That He Hadn't Visited in 20 Years

Travis Campbell tells Inside Edition exclusively that he is upset by what has been said about his relationship with his father.

Glen Campbell's son is speaking out about the family drama surrounding the legendary country singer following his death last August.

"I loved my dad, I loved him very much," Travis Campbell told Inside Edition. 

Travis Campbell says he's upset about his stepmother's recent claim that he wasn’t there for his famous dad as he descended into Alzheimer’s. He said there was no ill will between him and his father.

Kim Campbell, the singer's wife of 34 years, previously told Inside Edition, “Travis hadn't visited his dad in 20 years,”

Glen Campbell left a $50 million estate when he died last August, the bulk of which goes to Kim and five of his kids. Travis and two other children from a previous marriage get nothing.

"That was all done in 2002 and that was a choice that was made by Glen, not me," Kim told Inside Edition. 

Travis said that "there's ongoing things that are transpiring in Nashville," and would not comment on the will, which was written in 2002 before his illness had taken hold. 

Travis says he objects to his stepmother's claims about being an absent son.

"We were able to see him twice a month for four hours at a time," he said. 

In a statement to Inside Edition Wednesday, Kim Campbell said Travis only began seeing his father in his final year-and-a-half of life. But for 20 years before, "He only saw his father once."

Travis insists he wanted to spend even more time with the country legend, but Kim wouldn't allow it.

“It hurt me that she insinuated that I hadn't seen my father in over 20 years," he said. "I love my dad." 

Kim told Inside Edition earlier this month that she never denied her late husband’s children from visiting him.

“I never ever denied them a visit, they never called to ask me how he's doing or if they could help," Kim told Inside Edition.