Gorilla Playfully Wears Cardboard Box on Her Head in Louisville, Kentucky, Zoo

Kindi is 5 years old and is considered an ambassador for her species, the Western Lowland gorilla, which is endangered.

Kindi, a Western Lowland gorilla, gave visitors at Kentucky’s Louisville Zoo a sight they don’t often see. The 5-year-old got frisky and playfully wore a cardboard box on her head.

Kindi, whose name means ‘squirrel’ in Swahili, was born and still resides at the Louisville Zoo’s Gorilla Forest. It comes as no surprise, but she is a favorite at the zoo. She’s also an important ambassador for her species.

Western Lowland Gorillas are native to Africa’s Congo Basin. They can grow over five feet and over 400 pounds. They are considered critically endangered, but no one is certain about how many of them live in the wild.

Meanwhile, in Germany, the Berlin Zoo is celebrating the arrival of an adorable gorilla named Tilla. As expected, Tilla is still be held close and watched by mom Bibi and dad Sango. The 2-month-old newborn isn’t quite up to carefree antics like Kindi yet, but it's just a matter of time.

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