Man in Gorilla Suit Arrested After Allegedly Breaking Into Home, Hiding Under Mattress

Police Bust Man Wearing a Gorilla Suit, Hiding Under a Mattress
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Police didn’t seem to think he was just monkeying around.

Police didn’t seem to think this guy was just monkeying around.

A man allegedly broke into a Louisiana home wearing a gorilla costume and hid under a bed before police arrested him.

The Sulphur Police Department said it got a call about a suspicious person allegedly wearing the get-up, going in and out of yards and peering into homes, according to KDFM. Police identified the man as Jeremie Moran.

When police approached Moran and told him to stop, he allegedly went through the front door of a home. Since the back door was also open, cops initially believed Moran had left the house.

After doing a search, authorities said they found Moran hiding under a mattress, dressed in a gorilla suit. He was arrested and booked on several charges, including resisting an officer, unauthorized entry and meth possession, the Associated Press reported.

It is unclear if Moran has a lawyer.