Grandfather of 16 Hailed a ‘Hero’ After Saving Woman From Raging Hotel Fire

“You’re a hero grandpa,” Greg Spike’s grandchildren tell him.

The man who rescued a woman from a raging hotel fire is being hailed as a hero by his grandchildren. 

Greg Spike, 74, was on his daily run in Eugene, Oregon, when he spotted a raging hotel fire. Without hesitation, he aided a 62-year-old woman, who he told to  jump into his arms.

The grandfather of 16 is receiving praise for his act of heroism. Spike’s grandchildren range in age from 3 to 36 years old.

“I was really proud of my grandpa, that he would have that quick thinking and put himself into harm's way,” one proud grandchild tells Inside Edition.

Another grandchild, 3-year-old Cameron, tells Inside Edition what an amazing superhero his grandfather is.

“He’s a superhero like Batman,” Cameron says.

Spike and his proud wife, Linda, recently celebrated 48 years of marriage.

“When someone needs help, you have to step up. Maybe you’re the only one and he was the only one,” Linda says.

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