'Henny Rat' Pictured Belly Up, Clutching Bottle on NYC Street

"Henny Rat" captured the internet's attention.

It may need mouse-to-mouse resuscitation.

It may need mouse-to-mouse resuscitation.

Perhaps that is how this rat, lying on a New York City street, clutching an empty bottle of Hennessy cognac wanted to be remembered.

On Valentine's Day, Chris Williamson tweeted the picture of the rodent lying belly up. According to CBS News, it was taken on Ralph Avenue in Brooklyn and posted along with the caption, “Just another day in New York City.”

On Instagram, user Nicholas Heller shared a similar image that was posted to his account just the day before, featuring an empty Newport box in addition to the Henny. 

“Here lies a real 1,” the caption reads.

However, Heller admitted to The Gothamist he staged the whole thing. “I’m not proud of it but I did pick up the Hennessy bottle and place it next to the rat, because I knew that it would be better than just having the pack of Newports that I kicked over there," he said.

Even comedian Patton Oswalt got in on the joke, referencing his character from 2007’s "Ratatouille." “First day shooting RATA2OUILLE! There were creative differences with @BradBirdA113 but the new script and directing by Abel Ferrara are fantastic!”

“Henny Rat” follows in the footsteps of his ancestors, “Pizza Rat” and “Flood Rat.”