New York City Couple Freaks as Rat Crawls Out of Bathroom Sink

This critter climbed out of a New York City bathroom sink.
This greeted a Brooklyn couple in their bathroom. Bari Finkel

The Brooklyn couple was stunned as the rat emerged from their bathroom sink.

Bari Finkel was in the living room of her Brooklyn apartment when she heard her boyfriend, who was in the bathroom, scream, "Oh, s***!"

At first, she thought he was hurt. Then he yelled, "Come in here and look at this!" OK, she thought. It's probably a really big cockroach, the unwelcome roommate of many New York City dwellers.

"This little wet rat is emerging from the drain," Finkel told "It was losing its hair and had bugs crawling all over it."

That sent Finkel, a podcaster with a local company, straight out of the bathroom and back to the living room, where she wanted to make sure the couple's dog stayed well out of the way. "We have a beagle and he's a hunting dog and I didn't want him to get involved," she said.

Meanwhile, her boyfriend, Alex, had grabbed a plastic bag and was trying to corral the rodent in the sink. Finkel grabbed her phone to document their unannounced visitor.

And just like that, the rat scampered back down the drain, with its little tail sticking up.

It left goo and debris in the sink, which Finkel cleaned with bleach, to disinfect the porcelain and hopefully dispatch the rat.

She put the photos on her social media accounts, where of course they got plenty of reactions. "I got a lot of 'Ratatouille' jokes," she said. Two people actually created online accounts for the rat. "One of them called me a b****," she said, laughing.

She told the rat story at her block association meeting. "No one had experienced anything like this," she said. Their landlord had never heard of such a thing either.

The couple had removed the drain cover on their sink, which had been emptying slowly. They have since put it back on. And when they enter their bathroom, they check the sink, tub and the toilet before going about their business.