Here's the New Extreme Sport Not for the Faint of Heart

The X-Project combines skiing, snowboarding, windsurfing and paragliding. 

Athletes are taking part in a new extreme sports event that isn't for the faint of heart. 

Called the X-Project, it combines skiing, snowboarding, windsurfing and paragliding. 

X-Project 1.0 is set in the Swiss alps, where there’s plenty of snow for the high-octane sport.

"I am always chasing this rush of adrenaline, the speed, the fear of trying something new and I'm...I wouldn't say I am scared, I am nervous to try something which I haven't done before,” said X-Project athlete Balz Mueller.

X-Project participants are taken by helicopter to remote locations. No chair lift or road can get them where they need to go. After a hike to the top of a hill, it is literally all downhill from there. 

“I know I need to go downhill, which is a scary feeling but at the same time it's super exciting," Muller said.