Heroes Help Push a Stalled SUV With Family Inside Off Railroad Tracks as Train Approaches

Good Samaritans saw the family in trouble and rushed to help.

A family driving in Kentucky was in trouble when their car stalled on train tracks as a train was approaching.

Over the weekend in a suburb of Louisville, a woman and her children got stuck on the tracks in their SUV.

As an incoming train approached, it was clear the car was not going to move. A child can be seen on video trying to run out of the car, only to be chased back into the car by the woman who attempted to push the SUV out of harm's way.

Luckily for the woman and children, a good Samaritan in the area saw the incoming catastrophe and quickly ran over to help push the SUV out of the train’s path.

After one man quickly jumped in to help, several others also can be seen running over to join the effort.

With the help of several heroes, the car and those in it were able to make it out safely and no one was injured, all thanks to those willing to help out. 

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