Homeless Cat in Greece Receives 3 Prosthetic Legs After Terrible Accident

It was suspected that Perseus the cat's injuries had been caused by him getting hit by a car or being caught in a car engine.

They say cats have nine lives, and it seems to have held true for one feline in Greece

Last year, Perseus the cat was brought to a veterinary clinic in the town of Larissa. The poor, homeless kitty had suffered a terrible injury: he’d lost three of his legs. It was suspected he’d been hit by a car or been caught in a car engine.

Veterinarian Sofia Zoi wanted to help the little monopod. So she worked with a team of designers and engineers, who came up with a high-tech solution for Perseus.

His human team fashioned titanium legs and used 3-D printing to craft new paws. And once he was fitted with them, he was able to "cat" once more and face new adventures.

Perseus gets his name from ancient Greek mythology. Perseus was a hero who slew the monster Medusa. The constellation of Perseus, said to depict that scene, is visible in the northern sky.

And so, cat Perseus has a lot to live up to. 

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