House Cancels March 4 Sessions Amid Concerns of Potential QAnon-Related Threat Against US Capitol

Upgraded security measures have been enacted at the US Capitol complex since the riots on Jan. 6.
Upgraded security measures have been enacted at the US Capitol complex since the riots on Jan. 6. (Getty)

There has been increased chatter among QAnon circles surrounding Mar. 4, intelligence experts say.

House Democrats moved key Thursday votes to Wednesday night as Capitol Police warned of another potential threat against the U.S. Capitol on Mar. 4, the day QAnon extremists have been speaking about ever since the Capitol assault that left five dead, hundreds injured and threatened the lives of lawmakers.

“We have obtained intelligence that shows a possible plot to breach the Capitol by an identified militia group on Thursday, March 4,” the US Capitol Police said in a statement Wednesday.

In an abundance of caution, lawmakers moved key votes, including one on police reform, to Wednesday night, to allow lawmakers to leave town, The New York Times reported.

“Obviously from a security standpoint, it’s better to have us scattering to the four winds as opposed to all concentrating in one building,” Rep. Jim Himes, a Democrat from Connecticut, told CNN, according to the New York Post. He confirmed the House would not be in session Thursday due to the possible threat.

While the US Capitol Police did not specify which extremist group, the FBI and Department of Homeland Security says they have been following chatter online in QAnon circles surrounding the unfound theory that Mar. 4 is the day Donald Trump would be restored to the presidency and believe that there may be followers of the conspiracy theory looking to descend upon Washington, D.C., CNN reported.

Even though federal officials believe the threats are more “aspirational” than operational, according to The New York Times, security remains ramped up at the Capitol. Hundreds of National Guard members continue to protect the Capitol complex, and the buildings are now surrounded by 8-foot fences topped with barbed-wire, according to the New York Post.

“We have already made significant security upgrades to include establishing a physical structure and increasing manpower to ensure the protection of Congress, the public and our police officers,” the US Capitol Police continued in the statement.