How to Regift Unwanted Presents Like a Pro

First, don't give anyone something that's already been used.

Nobody knows about the dos and don’ts of regifting during the holiday season better than Thomas Farley, aka “Mr. Manners.”

“A lot of people think that maybe it's not good etiquette. I say it is, provided you do it thoughtfully,” he told Inside Edition. “There are a few rules."

Regifting should be as carefully thought out as a regular gift. First, Farley said, "make sure you're giving something that absolutely has not been used.”

Next, give specific gifts to people who will appreciate them. Farley was given a can of coffee and found a way to pay it forward, giving it to a java lover. 

Third, be sure to remove all evidence that the gift was originally given to you.

“Sometimes those tags wind up on the bottom of the bag and you might not realize it, so make sure that you've used original packaging, original wrapping, that there's no indication of the person who gave it to you before,” he said. 

One big rookie mistake is giving someone a gift they gave you, so pay close attention!

Finally, honesty is the best policy. “Sometimes you can admit to the regifting and say, ‘I got this as a gift, I think you'd really love it, I can't use it, would you like it?’” he said.