How Some Malls Are Preparing to Reopen Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Things will be a lot different for both shoppers and staff.

There's been much talk of the enormous impact the pandemic has had on retail stores. Now some malls are starting to reopen, but things will be a lot different for both shoppers and staff.

"We are going to be wearing masks and gloves at all times," said Kevin Hipes, a manager at Oviedo Mall outside Orlando.

As stores prepare to welcome back shoppers for the first time in six weeks starting Monday, hand sanitizers have been installed at every entrance. Workers are also removing soft furniture which can't be easily wiped down.

"We're going to follow all CDC guidelines," Hipes said.

When asked if he felt people are ready to come back to shop, Hipes said, "I think they are ready to come back. I can speak for my household — We're dying to get out of there. We want to remain safe and we want to be careful, but many people want to come back, especially to the restaurants."

The food court will have 75% less seating to encourage social distancing. The play area is closed and people will stand six feet apart as they wait in line for food. Social distancing will be enforced in the bathrooms, too.