How That Red Jeep Ended Up on the Beach in Hurricane Dorian

Owner Brittany Feliciano says the car was loaned a relative to take photos on the beach.

Authorities hauled a red Jeep Cherokee off the beach Friday after it was left alone in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, due to Hurricane Dorian. 

Crowds gathered to check out the vehicle, which sat there overnight till a construction vehicle hooked it up and pulled it from the surf Friday morning.

Inside Edition spoke to the SUV’s owner, Brittany Feliciano, who says it wound up there after her husband loaned it to his cousin to take photos on the beach. 

"He didn't abandon the Jeep but he went out to get help but no one could go out to help him because the storm was coming," she said. 

She says the vehicle was vandalized as it waited to be rescued.

Meanwhile, as Dorian raged, a North Carolina homeowner who was monitoring his Ring doorbell cam from 150 miles away saw his house get blown away.

And the damage in the town of Emerald Isle, North Carolina, was devastating as a tornado developed in the area.