How to Help Your Dog Cope With Being Home Alone Again

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During the pandemic, pets have seen much more of us than they’re used to — and many love it. But with some people heading back to work and school, there are concerns about pets’ anxiety levels when you leave them alone again.

Veterinarian Dr. Kristen Casulli told Inside Edition that it is normal for dogs to get anxious when left alone after all the months being together, but there are ways to ease their fears.

“So when you guys leave the home for the first time and then come home, naturally the dogs are going to be very excited to see you. You want to remember that you don’t want to reward excited behavior. So you walk in the door, say a brief hello, but they don’t get any attention until they are calm, cool and collected,” Casulli said.

You can also leave toys with treats inside to keep them occupied and play calming music for them. A recent study showed reggae music lowered heart rates in dogs, keeping them calm.


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