How Trump Ended Up Speaking in Front of Doctored Presidential Seal Calling Him a 'Puppet'

The seal also included Russian symbolism and a set of golf clubs.

President Trump was given a raucous welcome by a conservative student group this week, but the presidential seal he stood in front of wasn’t official. 

Trump spoke to conservative student group Turning Point USA at its Teen Student Action Summit Tuesday morning. As he appeared on stage, what appeared to be the presidential seal was projected behind him; however, the seal was doctored.  

The seal featured a two-headed eagle that resembled the Russian coat of arms. It also had a sickle and hammer, traditionally Communist symbols, as well set of golf clubs in the eagle's talons instead of the 13 arrows of the true seal.

To top it all off, instead of “E Pluribus Unum,” the motto reads “45 Es Un Titere,” Spanish for “45 is a puppet.” 

Turning Point USA have said they fired an audiovisual aide for the group, according to CNN. The group apologized for the fake seal, telling CNN that there was “zero malicious intent” behind the logo and that it was a Google search mistake.

"We're sorry for the mix-up and meant no disrespect to the White House or the president or the advance team," a Turning Point USA source told CNN.