Who Is the Donald Trump Look-Alike? Internet Abuzz Over Mysterious Presidential Double

The man, seen on a gas station security video, is a dead ringer for the president.

A man buying lottery tickets is setting social media ablaze because he looks exactly like Donald Trump

Video shows the gentleman, dressed in a plaid shirt and checking out scratch-off lottery tickets, at a gas station convenience store. The presidential look-alike is lighting up social media.

"Separated at birth," read one tweet.

“SNL should hire this guy,” was another. 

The mystery man has been tracked down to northeast Texas, as the gas station’s number is seen in the video. 

One internet sleuth believes it's a gas station in the small town of Daingerfield, Texas, which has a population of 2,460.

The man may be a vet or active duty military because he was wearing a U.S. Navy cap.