Hunter in Wyoming Accidentally Shoots Himself in Leg While Fighting Off Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear
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This attack was the second grizzly bear mauling in Wyoming in a week, CBS News reported.

A hunter in Wyoming accidentally shot himself in the leg while fighting off a grizzly bear over the weekend, CBS News reported.

Sublette County Sheriff's Office posted on Facebook that on Friday evening they received a call of a hunter that was injured following a grizzly bear attack.

“Tip Top Search and Rescue (TTSAR) volunteers were immediately paged and were able to bring the injured man out for medical treatment,” cops said.

Cops said that Lee Francis, 65, was hunting with his son in the Rock Creek area along the Sawtooth mountains when a grizzly bear attacked him.

Lee was able to draw his gun and fired several rounds, which caused the bear to disengage and flee. However, one of the rounds accidentally struck Lee in the lower leg, cops said.

Lee’s son quickly activated his SOS device for help then began providing first-aid to his dad to help control bleeding, cops said.

Lee was helicoptered out of the area for further treatment, cops said.

Due to the weather conditions in the area over the weekend, authorities were not able to locate the bear that attacked Lee, CBS News reported. The search should resume this week if the weather permits, CBS News reported.

This was the second grizzly bear mauling in Wyoming in a week, CBS News reported.

Two Northwest College wrestlers were attacked by a grizzly bear while they were searching for antlers shed by deer and elk in the Cody area on Oct. 15, according to CBS News.

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