Hurricane Florence: Striking Images Show Soaked Dog and Owner Rescued From Flooded Home

Dog rescued
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Hurricane Florence roared ashore Friday morning, bringing punishing winds and rains. Rescues are already underway of both people and their beloved pets. 

In New Bern, North Carolina, rescue workers from a local fire department and other volunteers came to the aid of a woman and her pup, who were trapped in their flooded home.

Dog rescued
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The soaked canine appeared less than pleased about the torrential downpour as it was handed to its eager owner in a rescue boat. They were seen a series of photos captured by photographer Chip Somodevilla for Getty Images.

A volunteer wades through flood waters to rescue a dog.
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Robert Simmons Jr. was also fleeing devastating flood waters when he was photographed by Travis Long of Raleigh News & Observer for Getty Images with his kitten, aptly named Survivor, peeking out of the collar of his rain jacket.

Robert Simmons Jr. is rescued from the flood waters with his kitten clinging to his neck.
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Simmons Jr., who said he lived in the area for more than 40 years, was trying to convince his father to leave their home as Hurricane Florence hit but “he wanted to wait it out,” Simmons Jr. said.

Instead, he took Survivor and stood at a small patch of dry road until three younger men he did not know pulled up in a boat and picked him up.

The kitten continued clinging to his neck, and eventually perched onto his shoulder to look around at the wreckage.

“His momma was in there,” he said, referring to his home. “But she’s a wild cat.”

New Bern is experiencing devastating flooding, as it sits at the confluence of two rivers, which are swollen as a result of the heavy rainfall.

Another moving photograph captured a K-9 handler giving his dog, Tag, fluids through an IV bag to keep him healthy while conducting important search and rescue work in Pembroke, North Carolina. 

Tag receiving IV fluids.
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Ahead of the storm's arrival, shelters animals were moved out of the states in the affected area to protect them.


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