'I Love You More': Mother's Final Words to Bride Killed on Wedding Night by Driver Charged With DUI

"I'm like, this isn't real, right?" Mandi Jenkins, the bride's sister, tells Inside Edition. "Are we gonna wake up from this and Sammy's gonna come walking through the door and be like, gotcha!"

"I love you more."

Those are the final words a mother said to her daughter just moments before the newlywed bride was killed by an alleged DUI driver as she left her wedding reception.

It is the tragedy that's breaking hearts across America, and Steven Fabian is now speaking with family members as they deal with this unimaginable grief.

"I'm like, this isn't real, right?" Mandi Jenkins tells Inside Edition. "Are we gonna wake up from this and Sammy's gonna come walking through the door and be like, gotcha!"

Mandi's sister Samantha exchanged vows with Aric Hutchinson on a picturesque beach in South Carolina over the weekend.

It was their dream wedding.

"I've never seen two people love each other like they did," says the bride's mother, Lisa Miller. 

After the reception, Samantha and Aric said goodbye to their guests, including Lisa, who had shared a special dance with her daughter that night.

"She didn't want the night to end," Lisa says.     

"No, she wanted the night to last forever," adds Mandi.     

"It was perfect," says Lisa.

The bride and groom then set off with two relatives on a golf cart. Police say that golf cart was then rear-ended by a vehicle traveling at a speed of 65 mph.

Lisa recalls the moment she realized something was wrong, just seconds after the car crash.

"All of the sudden, within five, 10 minutes, not even, we started hearing a lot of sirens, fire trucks, police, everything," says Lisa. "And I just said, 'something happened to Sam.' I knew something happened to Sam."

Lisa says she started running down the street while screaming Samantha's name "over and over again."

It was too late, though. Samantha had been killed instantly in the crash — while still wearing her wedding gown.

"I saw my mom on the phone and she was screaming and just fell to her knees and just, angry punching the air."

Aric was rushed to the hospital and underwent surgery this week. He is now recovering from that surgery, and Lisa and Mandi were preparing to visit him after speaking with Inside Edition. 

A GoFundMe has been set up to help with hospital costs.

Jamie Komoroski, the 25-year-old driver of the car, is charged with a single count of reckless homicide and three counts of felony DUI resulting in great bodily harm.

And Mandi and Lisa are left planning a funeral just days after the happiest day of Samantha's life.

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