Identical Tennessee Twins Give Birth on Same Day Within the Same Hour of Each Other

twins give birth
Amanda Caston and Julia Baldree.Facebook

The twin sisters were texting and FaceTiming until the hour before they gave birth.

Their due dates were 20 days apart, but identical twins Amanda Caston and Julia Baldree ended up giving birth on the same day, within one hour of each other.

The 27-year-old Tennessee sisters said they have been inseparable their entire lives. And now their children have the same birthday.

Caston delivered her son, Miles, on March 28, just as Baldree was bringing twin sons Josiah and Carter into the world.

"I was not expecting that at all," Caston told People magazine.

Caston's due date was April 2 and her sister's was April 22.

But all three babies showed up early.

Miles arrived first.

"When he got here at 10:24 a.m. on Monday morning, I was waiting to hear from my sister," said Caston. "And then I found out they were all born within an hour.

"It's been really fun and definitely an adventure," Caston added. "And we're excited that they get to share birthdays just like we did." 

The sisters had been in constant contact.

"We were texting and Facetiming up until the hour before and the hour after they were born," Caston said.