Illinois Officer Rescues Teen Who Allegedly Tried to Run in Front of Train

Thankfully, he arrived just in time.

An Illinois police officer saved a teen’s life when he grabbed her before she could be hit by a train.

Waukegan Police Officer Christopher Harris tackled the 17-year-old girl just before she apparently attempted to run in front of a moving train in the early morning hours of Dec. 7.  

They’d received a call that the teen might be in danger and got to her just in time, in a moment that was caught on bodycam footage.

When Harris spotted the girl, he ordered her to come over to him while his partner flashed lights to alert the train conductor they were on the tracks.

“I tell her to come here, she doesn't listen to me,” Harris told “[She] doesn't obey any of commands. And at that point, that second time, she takes an angle and starts kind of picking up her pace toward the railroad tracks.”

That’s when Harris said he knew he had to act.

“I just sprint after her and tackle her,” he said. “To save this girl's life ... it makes doing the job worth it.”

The teen was then taken for a psychiatric evaluation.