Indiana Cop Smashes Car Window in River to Save Woman Trapped Inside With Seconds to Spare

Inside Edition spoke to the three officers involved in the Muncie, Indiana, rescue, along with the woman's grateful mom.

Several Indiana police officers are being hailed as heroes for their rescue of a young woman trapped inside her car submerged in the river.

With the freezing water rising up to her neck, the 18-year-old Ball State University student frantically called 911, telling the dispatcher that she was in the White River and her car door wouldn’t open.

One officer arrived, ripped off his belt and jumped in. Another cop handed over his baton, and you can hear the young woman screaming as they smashed in her car window. 

They checked for passengers and the student was pulled to safety. An officer was left soaking wet and was quickly wrapped in a blanket.

The rescuers, Sergeants James Lenox and Greg Skaggs and Patrolman Casey Bell spoke to Inside Edition about the incident.

“We knew we had to act quickly or we were gonna lose her if we didn't act fast,” Skaggs said.

The driver’s grateful mom, Michelle Rosbia, couldn’t thank them enough.

“You jumped in without hesitation and you saved my baby, and I am so grateful. There's not enough money in the world that can repay you for the blessing that you bestowed on my daughter,” Rosbia said.

One of the officers added that it wasn’t his first water rescue, but definitely his most emotional one. 

Police say they do not think drugs or alcohol were a factor.

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